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May 18, 2010
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Reference- Senrex Neorah by Stelaris Reference- Senrex Neorah by Stelaris

Full Name: Senrex Kamui Neorah

Genre: Male

Age: 16

Height: 1,64

Weight: 60 kg.

Species: Shiba Inu- asian dog

Blood type: Black blood (?)

Likes: Solitary walks, meditate, stay in very calm places, the oniguiri (care, he is an addict 0_0), use classic oriental musical instruments, sometimes sing alone, spend time with his hawk Plateia, explore new places, etc.

Dislikes: Big urban citys, saturated places with people, when someone calls him "chibi inu" (or tiny pup) (en latino, "chucho enano" XD), when the villagers compares him with his father (they want he be like his father), take big responsibilities, turn bound to work (he's very lazy), Lune (?), and... NEVER TAKE OFF HIS SCARF O_O.

Personality:Calm, shy, usually embittered, serious, reflexive.

Recurrent places: Forests or lonely places.

Description: Last survivor of Neorah's family (orphan). Actually he lives in Ameshiro village. With a dark past, he was disappeared when he was 10 years old after the tragedy of his original village, Hoshiyama, what it was totally destroyed and annihilated. When he was 15, a girl named Nami found him unconcious, in what it was Hoshiyama, in the rests of his house, seriously injured. He stays above a year in comma.
Actually Ameshiro's village haves some survivors of Hoshiyama's tragedy, and in a past, Kurai Neorah (Senrex Father) was another survivor, beign the leader of Ameshiro, but he was brutally murdered when a barbarian's clan attacked the village.
After that, when Senrex awakes of his comma, he has been choosen to become the new leader, but actually is really unmotivated, embittered and scared for take that responsibility. The villagers doesn't like him, and he usually stays far of his village.

Neorah's family haves an hereditary skill, witch is some kind of alchemy, fusing inanimate matery and living essences (like animal's or plant's essences) for create hybrid creatures temporarily alive. An example is his scarf, which it haves dragon's essence ;both sides of his scarf hides twins asian dragons heads, one with dark colors (black dragon) and another with pale colors (sorry I'll show both dragons in another deviation XD), this scarf it belonged to his father.

-Also, Senrex haves a ancient inherited collar, which gives the power of alchemy (once he puts on, the hability is impregnated permanently and haves the duty for project his herd) and a curious hability for transform in his quadruped form (a little shiba inu).-

Lonely and embittered, wastes most of his time, fleeing of any kind of responsibilities or help, with a deep feeling of fault and revenge, nobody knows what happened to him in that 5 years when he was disappeared...he never was the same person again.

Strenghts: Agility, speed, workmanship, balance between nearby and distant attacks.

Weakness: Strong, powerful magic, lethal weapons... dark matter.

-He usually hides most part of his face, and likes a lot hides the face in his scarf XD, he feels "safe".
- He NEVER laughs... and when he laughs... is... really scary
(surprise, his laugh is like Kira XDDD, I want him with the voice of Mamoru Miyano as Kiba)


Finalmente x_x, una referencia decente! como había prometido, ahora trabajo más con mi proyecto del Clan Stardust. He aquí a uno de mis próximos más consentidos, Senrex xD. Si he escrito algo mal por ahí en inglés me avisan. Tengo pereza de traducirlo...
Quería hacer una referencia simple pero con atractivo visual xD... bueno, espero les guste :3

Senrex Kamui Neorah (c)- Clan Stardust Series (mine D: <)

Bottom- Brush Pack - Japan Culture-Art: [link]
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